Actors Access

What is Actors Access ?

Actors Access is operated by Breakdowns Services. The site delivers casting calls for actors. It's a good site to start your acting career. Breakdown services is a trusted casting resource in the industry, and actors access is what they use to cast projects for students films, theatre plays and short non union film.

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Do We Recommend Actors Access ?

For many years this company treated actors in a very unpleasant way. The company monopolized their casting notices and denied actors from auditions opportunities. The company justify its actions by the fact that the casting calls that they issue are being sent only for paying costumers. Those costumers are agents and mangers. The only problem with this kind of service is that less than 10% of actors have representation. And by preventing an actor the audition opportunity, they clearly hurt actors for years. 

After 20 years of service this company seen that their business is at stake due to many online services that offer the same service they do to actors. And since 2005, breakdowns services start promoting their service for actors.

Even though they now release some of theirs casting calls, they still monopolized the best ones. Most of the casting calls and auditions they present in actors access are for short films, student films, and theatre plays. And for those they charge a ridiculous fee ($2-$5 per role submission), which frankly should be free.

They also control most of the audition sides information and for that also charge a ridiculous fee of $1 a page (on average) on their showfax website.

Their website is attractive, but their services are far from being useful. They keep on charging actors high fees, especially for uploading additional pictures and demo reels.


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