the Camera Eye (Richmond (West of))

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Project Description:

Genre: SciFi / Horror Shoot Dates: Weekends in October through November 2007

Bad Influence Films LLC is looking for dedicated and skilled people to fill positions on cast and crew for this short film which will be shot on weekends mid October through November 2007.

Logline: The Blair Witch meets Event Horizon. Tag Line: Finite Space, Infinite Power

A director’s equipment-clad crew of nonconformist semi-pros discover a film camera deserted on location, further investigation turns up footage that would make a horror director proud. The photon sphere surrounding the camera is accompanied by an unearthly presence. The entity channels power through the creative process to lure crew members into situations, situations they may not escape…


(28-30 Female United States)

Jessica – the hardworking, dependable associate producer who has a conscience / Supporting / Female / Thin fit individual.

(18-24 Female United States)

Madison – Hyper sorority rich girl interning for the summer who views the world through rose colored glasses / Supporting / Female / Thin, fit individual.

(25-30 Male United States)

Mason – the eccentric withdrawn inner turbulent goth production assistant / Co-Star / Skinny, average to tall height, long hair.

(31-40 Female United States)

Alexis – eclectic artsy director not really focused on reality / Co-Star / Average weight, average height.

(25-30 United States)

Brad – the jealous actor trying to rebuild his once famous career from his bad historical antics / Co-Star / Male / 30 – 38 yrs. Thin, fit individual, clean cut. 13. Katie - the rising diva actress who is doing the project as a favor to the director/ Co-Star / Female / American / 20 – 30 yrs. Thin, fit individual, model.

(18-24 Male United States)

Chad – the lazy production assistant / Co-Star / Gentleman of any height, in moderately good shape.

(31-40 Male United States)

Thomas – the actor desperate to be in a project to boost his career / Supporting / Gentleman of any height, in moderately good shape.

(25-30 Male United States)

Andy – the actor who agrees to do the project to brown nose up to the director / Supporting / Gentleman of any height, in moderately good shape.

(25-30 Male United States)

Scott – the talented yet guarded camera man reluctant to be a leader. / Co-Star / Gentleman of any height, in moderately good shape.

(31-40 Male United States)

Breakhouse – the hardcore, task master big name director who wants to do something indie to prove he is a true artist/ Co-Star / Tall, in good shape.

(25-30 Male United States)

James – the curious production assistant / Supporting / Tall, in good shape

(25-30 Female United States)

Rachel – the polished professional camera woman / Co-Star / Skinny, tall.

: Casting call for THE CAMERA EYE (RICHMOND (WEST OF)). Auditions For THE CAMERA EYE (RICHMOND (WEST OF)). Casting Director Rob Byrne posted a casting call in