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Please check out my IMDB page

Hi. Can you please check out my IMDB page and give it a like. I am still waiting on 2 credits to be added. I have been cast as Sarah McKenzie for Big Sky. This is a western tv show that will start ...

Posted at: 05/19/2015 16:50

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Lets connect!

Hey y'all;

You an learn more about me and connect with me on any of the following links, I hope to hear from y'all:

Posted at: 01/22/2015 10:29

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Are you looking for either a long bob, short bob, or long length cut?

If so, this opportunity is just for you. I have one spot available for a hair model for an advanced cutting class in salon...

Posted at: 11/17/2013 15:22

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The Martin Case

First that didnt make any sinse how he got lose with out charge without nothing.

He shoot Trayvon because Trayvon had skittles and brisk.

A little mad but god will make a way.


Posted at: 07/14/2013 19:00

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Today is a day that god gives us to live each day like its our last.

I had so much fun today hang around and ate cookies.

I act,clown around, and sing everyday before i go to bed.

Posted at: 07/12/2013 16:57

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This blog is about young kids and adults acting all they can and have fun.                                       

For Example, i like to act bad me and my brother get ...

Posted at: 07/11/2013 22:34

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Bi-Lingual Spanish Network PILOT: Casting Call



CASTING CALL FOR A  NON~UNION Bi-Lingual Spanish Cable Television Network ( Bi-Lingual Drama PILOT).


 CREW LISTS:  *Story Board Artist person (local OC preferred) Experi...

Posted at: 06/04/2013 18:12

Tags: Actress, Actor, Extras, Independent Film PILOT.

Casting Call: Actress, Actor, Extras!



CASTING CALL FOR A  NON~UNION Bi-Lingual Spanish Cable Television Network ( Bi-Lingual Drama PILOT).


 CREW LISTS:  *Story Board Artist person (local OC preferred) Experi...

Posted at: 06/04/2013 18:10

Tags: Bi-Lingual Spanish Cable network PILOT, Actress, Actor, Extras, Non Union, Independent Films.

My life as an Actress

I recently relocated back to Los Angeles after recieving offers to be in various feature films, some in Preproduction for filming this summer.  I'm always seeking something new, to create and coll...

Posted at: 05/02/2013 19:13

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My Biography

Hi, I'm Emily. I'm fifteen years old and growing up in Wisconsin. It's been my dream to become an actress since forever. I love acting and being in front of cameras, so I'm not hesitant to get righ...

Posted at: 02/24/2013 16:08

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How I Knew, a Message From Beyond the Grave


How I Knew

A message from beyond the grave


Henry David Thoreau, who was an American author, poet, and philosopher once quoted "Go in the direction of your dreams! Live the lif...

Posted at: 11/22/2012 22:25

Tags: Bryn Berg, Author, actress, actor, supernatural

Just About Me-Skills


Fishing, Motorcycles(class M license),
Camping, swimming, numerous other activities.

Great S...

Posted at: 09/30/2012 03:33

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I'm a nerdy actor!!!! (he-he) Another school paper :)


Bryn Berg

September 19, 2012

Philosophy 112

Paper 2


“Nerds Are a Beautiful Thing”

               I find it really sad that nerds seem to be so ha...

Posted at: 09/19/2012 05:03

Tags: Bryn Berg, nerd, actress, philosophy

13 year old Asian Actress, with talent, but can't fit the roles she wants because she isn't white.

I've always wanted to act, be an actress. I can do a wide variety of things. I have a span of roles I can play.

I can be emotional and cold.

Warm and kind.

Blunt and a know-it-all.


Posted at: 08/18/2012 11:30

Tags: actress, aspire, model, voiceacting, talent, girl

Pleasant Wayne ~


I am an actress and Environmental spokesmodel and am open to a variety of projects.  I excel in on-camera performances and am professional and friendly.

Please see my website for im...

Posted at: 07/30/2012 15:46

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Hello World!

Hello World, I am someone who is trying to make it big in the industry of modeling and acting. They are both my biggest passions and I appreciate everyone who supports me, add me as a friend.

Posted at: 07/10/2012 09:30

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I wrote and am Producing a COMEDY SITCOM Webisode presently in production and in New York City. I am looking for an actress that can pass for a 16 year old high school wild child. Tatoos and pierci...

Posted at: 07/02/2012 07:11

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As an Actress I've made a very big boo boo :(



Ding Ding Ding!!! I have an idea. "The New 2nd Half of the Years Resolution"


So I had a very serious reality check this week in regards to a flaw in my personality. ...

Posted at: 06/25/2012 19:49

Tags: Bryn Berg, actress, new 2nd half of the new years resolution

“A 'Rampage' That Taught Me Some Life Lessons” -Another school paper.


“A Rampage That Taught Me Some Life Lessons”


            As an aspiring actress I have never been much for action movies.  While action films have a lot of brillia...

Posted at: 06/04/2012 08:25

Tags: Rampage, Bryn Berg, Uwe Boll, Brendan Fletcher, Shawn, Sipos, Lynda Boyd, actress

My thoughts on an episode of "In Treatment"


This was a blog I wrote back in March of 2008 after being blow away watching a new series at the time running on HBO called "In Treatment".  This particular scene was life changing for me, ...

Posted at: 05/19/2012 22:51

Tags: Bryn Berg, writer, author, HBO in treatment, actress, actor